The spring is here and that means new life and new beginnings.The birds and the bees are really starting to make the rounds and that includes a flock of geese that gave a car dealership near Buffalo a private parade!

Mamma and baby geese walked through West Herr Williamsivlle!

The big thing to remember about any wildlife is to try not to disturb them as much as possible. From baby geese to whitetail deer fawn, May and June are the months for the babies!

The DEC and the Amherst Police posted a warning just last week for residents to be aware of baby deer being left alone. That is a normal and natural thing. Momma deer will leave their fawns behind out of pure security. The babies are born without scent and the female deer (doe) will set them in tall grass or brush to keep them hidden from predators.

Even the Buffalo zoo is welcoming babies. It was just last week that the public was given it's first chance to view the baby lion cubs that were recently born!

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