This weekend was the perfect weather weekend and finally felt like Spring but we are set to see a massive drop in our high temperatures over the next 24 hours.

A huge cold front is moving across New York and with that cold front is a rain/snow mix and cold temperatures.

In Buffalo, we saw a high near 83 on Sunday, and tomorrow morning we will see the temperature drop down to 33. That is a 50-degree swing in just 72 hours. Also with that cold temps, snow is in the forecast overnight tonight through Wednesday morning.

It doesn't get any better in Rochester. The high was near 80 on Monday and we will see that temperature drop below freezing Wednesday morning and end up with a high of only 41 for the day.

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For Syracuse, rain today will give way to partly cloudy skies on Wednesday with a high of only 40 degrees. Overnight, the temperatures will be below freezing before warming up a bit during the day.

Albany will see their high drop from 68 on Monday to 50 on Wednesday with mostly cloudy skies.

In Binghamton, the drop will be much greater than in Albany. From 67 on Monday to 39 on Wednesday. Nearly a 30-degree difference. There is also a chance of snow throughout the day.

New York City looks like it will be spared the massive swing in high temperatures with the high on Monday being 58 and for tomorrow the high will be around 57. Today's rain will giveaway to mostly cloudy skies tomorrow.

The good news is that we make our way through the final weekend of April, and temperatures are expected to warm up across the state for the month of May.

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