It looks as though we are about to get a bunch of snow this weekend.  So much, that some of the Buffalo Bills could be buried in it!

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There is a big storm headed toward Western New York.  This weekend, depending on where you are, you could see a bunch of snow get dropped.  Some forecasts are calling for up to six feet of snow when all is said and done.

When we think of football players, we normally think of gigantic human beings. They always seem like they would tower over normal people.  It got me to start thinking, if we actually got six feet of snow by Sunday, which of the Buffalo Bills would we be able to see in it?

There are a couple that are right at six feet tall.  According to the roster on their website, Stefon Diggs, Tyrel Dodson, Reggie Gilliam, Damar Hamlin, Taiwan Jones, Siran Neal, Jordan Poyer, Khalil Shakir, Baylon Spector, and Matt Milano are all right at 6 feet tall.

The list below is all the Buffalo Bills that are 5 foot 11 or shorter.

Of course 6 feet of snow would be the upper amount they're expecting.  And while they were anticipating another snow game like we saw a couple years ago against the Indianapolis Colts where the players were running through snow that was up to their knees, it doesn't look like that's going to happen.

Most of the meteorologists who are forecasting big totals this weekend are also saying that the snow will probably come to an end early on Sunday morning.  The game itself should be a dry event with just a few passing snow showers.  Parking could still be an issue and possibly getting to the stadium.  But most forecasts say that the snow should all be on the ground by kickoff.

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