Buffalo is moving up in the nation's eye in more than one department. Inc. just named Buffalo, NY one of the 3 Unexpected Places That Are Actually Amazing For Startups!

This is huge for Buffalo seeing how in past years the city had been cast in a poor light from outsiders who cite when manufacturing started to go down hill the draw to Buffalo slowly went away. Now Buffalo is on the upswing in real estate, destinations and even the food scene.

Inc. thinks Buffalo is also the place to be,

"Combined with the fact that rent for a two bedroom averages $1,227, and that the city is home to the world's largest business idea competition, 43North, and Buffalo may start seeming like a great place to call home."

Inc. also goes onto state that Buffalo is also intriguing to "serial entrepreneurs" because is acts as a satellite city for New York City, Toronto and Chicago making it easier to "form their teams in more reasonably priced cities, without sacrificing their ability to easily meet in person."

Other cities listed in the article as amazing places for startups were Salt Lake City, Utah and Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

It looks like Buffalo just got another tally in the win column. It is truly an exciting time to be a Buffalonian.

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