If you have been searching for a new place to live that is closer to downtown Buffalo, you probably haven’t considered living here.

The original Casa Di Pizza building in Elmwood used to be a local hangout, favored by many young adults and families, but now it just may be your new home.

Nick Sinatra is running the renovation project, planning to update the second story of the former Casa di Pizza building, located at 477 Elmwood Avenue. During the renovation, Sinatra plans to separate the second floor into four market-rate apartments, with two selections of a two-bedroom apartment, and two of the one-bedroom apartment.

If you live in the old pizza hotspot, you’ll also be the closest to Buffalo’s newest restaurant!

The first floor of the building will be designed for a new restaurant or retail operator. 

This is the first time that any business and rental plans have been specified since Sinatra acquired the property six years ago. 
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It's no surprise that many people would want to move to this part of Erie County, as it is arguably the most desired county in all of New York State.

Based on the 2021 population, Erie County has more people living in it than six other entire US States. That population number being no short of 916,672.

Think you can guess the six states that this favored Western New York county is larger than?

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