There are two types of people at the kitchen sink -- those who throw items willy-nilly down the drain.... and those of us who've had issues with our pipes.

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Because those who've has issues in the past with their pipes know it's often a frustrating, messy and expensive fix.

And we're not saying everyone is careless -- but here are four things you might not realize are wreaking so much havoc on your kitchen plumbing.

1. Produce stickers. I know, right? Those little sticky guys you have to catch your nail on just right to peel off. Well, after you peel it off, toss it into the trash, not into the sink.

Apartment Therapy reached out to the pros, Doyle James is the president of a plumbing company:

“While these produce stickers are small, they are not water soluble and can potentially cause big problems for your pipes,” says James.

Well, if you've ever struggled with those stickers, it shouldn't be surprising they're coated in a very tacky adhesive, and those stickers can stick to your plumbing system. James says eventually enough of them can build up to a clog, and because they're plastic they won't break down. For that same reason, these sticker cause problems for water treatment plants as well.

2. Oatmeal. Ok, if you've ever made overnight oats, you already know what happens when oats sit in cold water over periods of time. Let it sit long enough, and it's like glue. This can definitely cause a blockage that is difficult to unclog.

3. Flour. While we're on the subject of glue -- or rather paste -- when flour and water mix, and then sit, it becomes a sticky situation. This also goes for flour heavy things like batters -- scoop into the trash, don't put down the drain. Flour will coat your pipes, and over time reduce water flow.

4. Paint. Never dump any kind of paint down the drain. One, it's super bad for the environment. Secondly, paint can pool and harden in your pipes.

“This can harden into a mass that can settle into the bottom of the drain line, which can cause a future possible stoppage area,” says James. 

It's best to get rid of excess paint in accordance with the waste delivery provider in your neighborhood.

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