I talked with my sister yesterday and she had mentioned that her backyard was already completely flooded. The ground is just frozen enough, and with all the rain and warm temperatures we've had, flooding is definitely a possibility in some areas.
With the storm coming later today, it got me thinking about what I would do if flooding occurred at my place. Insurance companies go out of their way to limit the amount they have to pay out on a claim. Thanks to my friend Len, I now have some idea of what to do to protect myself and my property.

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    Take photos of valuables in my house especially things like furniture, appliances and electronics.

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    If possible, store receipts for high-ticket items in a waterproof/fireproof location, so you can prove to your insurance company what the value of any damaged items is.

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    Go over your insurance policy, and make sure you are covered for flood, wind and fire.

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    Most insurance policies have a maximum payout amount. You may want to estimate what it would cost you to rebuild your house and replace all of your possessions. It's likely that the maximum payout will be far less than what it would take to replace everything