When you go to Tops or Wegmans on a regular basis, you usually get the same sorts of food. It becomes a routine to get the same foods and go down the same aisles.

Sometimes, you end up seeing brand new items or maybe items that may not be new, but they are to you since that's the first time you're seeing it. It's hard to resist trying to buy those new food items that you see.

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If you shop at Wegmans and have been by the frozen food section, you probably have seen this food at some point; and if you're in Buffalo then it's probably something that has peeked your interest.

I saw these at Wegmans this week. It's a Frank's RedHot boneless chicken bites.

I appreciate the fact they called them boneless chicken bites, instead of boneless wings; because let's be honest about these things, they are not wings and should never be called wings.

They're basically a higher quality chicken nugget.

I did not buy them, but will definitely get them at some point since I love Frank's RedHot suace and I'm sure I speak for many people in Buffalo and Western New York.

They come in regular hot sauce and Buffalo style. They're pretty pricey, too, at almost $8 per bag. Pretty much everything in the store has gone up in price over recent months, which has been a hot topic lately.

Have you tried these yet? Are they good?

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