Have you ever wondered why the wings are so much better in Buffalo? 

You are about to find out the secret ingredient to the original Buffalo wings, but even if you did not know before, you probably could have guessed.

When you eat wings, what is the one thing you ask for? Sure, you like blue cheese, but I’m talking about the sauce. 

Everyone in Buffalo loves…say it with me.




Frank’s Red Hot!

Photo Credit: Kadie Daye
Photo Credit: Kadie Daye

While reading the label of a 25 fl oz bottle of Frank’s Red Hot, it confirmed that Frank’s is one of the main reasons why our wings are so good in Buffalo.

Photo Credit: Canva Image
Photo Credit: Canva Image

The label said:

“FRANK’S REDHOT Original, made with a premium blend of Aged Cayenne Peppers, has been adding flavor to your favorite foods for over 90 years. The great taste of FRANK’S REDHOT made it the secret ingredient used in the original Buffalo wings created in Buffalo, N.Y. in 1964.

It’s wild to think that our wings have been around for less than 60 years, but I think we’ll all remember that origin story.

The co-owner of Anchor Bar, back in 1964, cooked leftover wings in that same hot sauce as a late-night dish for her son and his friends, and it was so good that it ended up on the menu by the next day.

We have grown to appreciate these wings with our #BuffaloPatriotism, so I wouldn’t be surprised if every Buffalo home had wings in the freezer, Franks Redhot in the Fridge, and an air fryer on the kitchen countertop. 

While we have tried to make them at home more times than you can count, there’s just something about wings in Buffalo that taste so good when you get them in a bar or a restaurant.

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