The Buffalo Bills are just three weeks away from their first regular season game, when they play at the Los Angeles Rams on Thursday Night Football on September 8th.

The Bills will be relying on a number of players to meet the expectations they have earned for the 2022 season; mainly the likes of Josh Allen, Stefon Diggs, Dion Dawkins, Matt Milano, Von Miller, Ed Oliver and Jordan Poyer.

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Cornerback Tre'Davious White is another player the Bills need for the upcoming season.

However, White is still not practicing yet. He's over 8 months removed from ACL reconstruction surgery and has not yet been cleared by doctors to return to practice, let alone game action.

Bills defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier gave an update on White on Wednesday.

Frazier said they are "crossing their fingers" that they get White back soon. There is still no set return date.

ACL reconstruction surgery is regarded as a common knee procedure but a lengthy recovery.

Typically, 12 months is the total recovery time to be 100 percent, but athletes are now returning in 9-10 months. White's surgery will be roughly nine months removed at the start of September, which is cutting it close for the start of the regular season.

Last week, Jeremy Fowler from ESPN reported that the plan is for White to return to practice, "sooner rather than later."

The fact White hasn't even started practice yet is a bit troubling but there are still three weeks remaining.

I think it's safe to say that if White is cleared by week 1, we won't see him out there every play. The Bills will likely ease him back in and not overload his work.

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