If you are an essential worker, Fredonia High School wanted to say thank you for everything that you've done to keep our country rolling.

It's sad when students have to say goodbye to their friends at the end of the year.  And this year, many of them didn't get the chance to do that.  Their year was promptly ended in March when COVID19 started to spread and schools were closed to help keep everyone safe.

But not everyone got to stay home with their families.  Thousands of WNY families still had to get up and go to work to keep our country running.

WIVB shared this video of Fredonia High School to pay tribute to essential workers.  Their final performance is their take on the Bill Withers classic "Lean On Me."  But theirs is titled, "Lean On Us."

It says at the end of the video that there were over 400 people who lent their musical talents, time, service, and photographs to this project.  I can't even imagine how hard it would be to coordinate something like this.  It's hard enough to get an entire orchestra on time when they're all in the same room.  To be able to do something like this with so many working parts all in their own homes is incredible.

Congrats to Mr. Andrew Bennett and his entire Fredonia Symphonic Band for a job (extremely) well done.


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