Everyone loves french fries and, this Thursday, you can get FREE fries at participating McDonald's!

You probably have a favorite McDonald's that you and the family go to. Finding the right one that has good service is everything! There are few things more frustrating than when you expect "fast food" and it is anything but fast! However, speaking from personal experience with four kids, sometimes it is the larger orders and those with special requests that can really jam up a drive through line.

If it's McDonald's fries that you crave, there is good news this week. Thursday, participating locations will offer fries for FREE!

The newest sensation at McDonald's is the Grimace Shake! Have your kids asked for this yet? It is in celebration of the popular, purple character's birthday! Our kids were begging to try one and, thankfully, the machines were working the day we tried them! They are actually pretty good!

If you are looking to make one at home, there are some new trends that show how to DIY a Grimace Shake!

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