The deadline to fill out the 2020 census is approaching and if you need a mask, there is a free one waiting for you.

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It is important for you to fil out the census as it helps municipalities to get as much funding as possible for community indicatives and programs. It really does not take too long and is a good way to teach your kids about something Americas have been asked to do for as long as we have bee a country.

In Buffalo, Mayor Byron Brown says people who complete the survey during an event this weekend will be eligible to receive free face masks. They are being handed out from 10am - 2pm Saturday at the Belle Center, Broadway Market, the Delavan-Grider Community Center and the Wiley Amateur Athletics Sports Pavilion.

Less than half of the residents in Buffalo took part ion the last census ten years ago. That really has a financial impact on the city and it's effort to improve neighborhoods.

There has been an extension as recently as this Friday for the counting of the census. In a report filed early Friday from NPR News:

A federal court has ordered the Trump administration to abandon last-minute changes to the 2020 census schedule and extend the time for counting for an additional month.

There may be an appeal to this. Regardless, it only takes a matter of minutes to do the census which we did online. If you want to be part of something great for your community, here is your chance.

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