A new real estate company is looking for some delicious ideas.

The pandemic has hit the restaurant industry especially hard, and startup costs for a new business can make getting off the ground difficult.

Buffalo real estate company, Character, is offering a year of free rent in a Main Street building, along with other support services for a new business -- to the winner of a new contest for future restaurateurs.

Character, which is partly owned by Western New York developer Frank Chinnici, is looking for proposals from an array of potential successes, including people experienced already with restaurants, existing restaurants looking to expand, or people who are looking to enter the food-and-beverage industry for the first time.

According to the Buffalo News:

Applicants must submit a full business plan, with a description of their concept, market analysis, sample menu, financials and branding. Details are available at characterpropco.com/contest/.


The winner will receive a year of free rent at a new building at 808.5 Main, on a narrow parcel in the Allentown Historic District, in the shadows of St. Louis Church in downtown Buffalo and sandwiched between two recently renovated brick buildings.

Not only will the winner get a free year of rent in the Main Street space, they will also get legal assistance from the Kimelberg Pllc law firm, and Oxford Pennant will give business mentorship, and Block Club will work with the winner on branding.

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