In New York, and the United States of America, Fire remains one of the leading causes of property damage and death.

Many professionals have stated that a majority of the deaths that are attributed to fire cold potential be prevented with the presence of working fire and smoke alarms.

The Western New York Chapter of the American Red Cross is aiming to do something about that.

The Red Cross responds to just about every fire in Western New York to offer aid and assistance to fire victims, and a new program that is on the horizon is looking to help make sure people are better protected from fire.

The Home Fire Campaign that's sponsored by the Red Cross is looking to help people develop fire plans, and to install thousands of smoke alarms in people's home for free.

You can sign up for this program here and professionals from the Red Cross will come to your house to deliver, and or install, up to 3 free smoke alarms in your home, work with you to develop that fire safety plan, and help you with all sorts of tips and training for all members of your household.

The Federal Government makes a lot of data available about fire incidents across the country and already this year FEMA reports show that nearly 100 New Yorkers have died in fires.

As someone who has survived a house fire, and had another one of his buildings burn down in a fire, I am the first to say that a fire can change your life, and it was only because of the fire alarms that helped everyone get out safely.

Please don't ignore this opportunity to increase the safety of your home, or to help someone who is in need. If you need smoke alarms installed in your home, you can click here to sign up to have someone come help, or if you are interested in volunteering to help install a smoke alarm, you can sign up here on the Western New York Chapter of the American Red Cross website.

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