It's Earth Month and the City of Buffalo has been celebrating all throughout April. The city has announced another great event and the perfect way to take part. Get your free tree this Wednesday April 19 in Niagara Square!
Mayor Byron W. Brown, in partnership with the Buffalo Tree Recovery Campaign, is making 500 ‘two gallon’ potted trees available free of charge to Buffalo residents. The yard trees include: Red Maple, River Birch, White Oak, Red Bud and Hackberry species.
The Buffalo Tree Recovery Campaign, a partnership between the National Arbor Day Foundation and the New York Department of Environmental Conservation, targeted Buffalo for the tree giveaway due to the loss of many mature Ash Trees, destroyed by the Ash Borer.

Buffalo has a great reputation for it's architecture. However, take a ride around the city and you can't help but notice the large trees that line the streets. Besides the Ash Borer issue, the recent wind storms and The October Storm a few years ago damaged many of the trees. Many were damaged so badly that they had to be removed. This is your chance to help "re-tree" the city for future generations to enjoy.

The tree are available on a first come, first served basis between 11am and 3pm in Niagara Square.

To donate to the recovery efforts supported by this c.campaign or other across the country please visit  These donations will help to restore this nation’s beautiful landscapes, including the City of Buffalo, Erie County and the State of New York.

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