There are two types of people when it comes to working out (besides, of course the people who never do it).

1.) The person who makes every excuse in the book not to go. So, right now, the fact that the gyms are closed is the ultimate excuse. You can't go to something that is not even open, right?

2.) The person who is so ticked off that gyms are workout facilities are not open right now in New York State.

Well, if you are number two, you are in luck! Starting this Saturday BlueCross BlueShield is bringing back free outdoor fitness classes to Canalside. The past 8 weeks the fitness classes have been virtual, but starting Saturday, they will be in-person and of course, following all safety and social distancing measures. In order to maintain those precautions though, you must register beforehand.

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What is the holdup with gyms in Western New York? New York health experts believe that it is still not safe with COVID-19 to reopen. Gym goers and owners are frustrated and had a protest today at the Catalyst Fitness in Amherst on Maple.

We cannot stress enough how important regular workouts are to our members," Catalyst Fitness owner Amy Bueme said. "Every day we listen to our members tell us how regularly working out has ‘saved their lives’ by alleviating a myriad of physical and emotional ailments.

"Members of the New York State Fitness Alliance are working diligently to advocate for our club members who desperately need to resume their fitness routines", according to WGRZ.

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