Bills fans across Western New York have been flocking to Buffalo Bills training camp since it kicked off July 26th at St. John Fisher University near Rochester, New York. 

If you’ve got tickets and are planning the drive down to catch a practice or the upcoming Blue and Red game, make sure you make time in your schedule for one very important thing you need to do in the Rochester area.

After all, catching your favorite team in action before the season starts is a perfect excuse to treat yourself to a delicacy you might not get to have very often- the infamous Rochester “garbage plate.”

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What Exactly Is A Garbage Plate?

We’re sure you’ve probably heard of it, but we understand that the garbage plate is not exactly a popular order in the Buffalo area. So just in case, let’s break down the anatomy of a plate.


To be an authentic Rochester “garbage plate,” it must consist of these four basic ingredients. 

  • Protein

Your typical plate base consists of a  burger patty or a hot dog. If you’re going to a restaurant in Rochester, they’ll ask you if you want a “white hot” (uncured and unsmoked pork, beef, and veal)  or a “red hot” (beef and pork with red dye). Neither is a wrong answer; both are delicious, and it all depends on your preference. 

Yes, you can find places that will substitute the standards with things like grilled chicken or tofu, but a burger and dog are the OGs of the “garbage plate.”

  • Potatoes

Home fries are the standard starch on a plate. French fries are also a common order, but many consider that move kind of “boujee.” We recommend going tots all the way. 

  • Sides

Honestly, a “side” of a plate is never really a side. The goal is to be able to mix everything together for an amazing mash of deliciousness - but the typical “side” order is traditional mayonnaise-based macaroni salad, and/or baked beans. Getting both is never frowned upon, and often encouraged.

  •  Toppings

Spicy meat sauce, chopped onion, ketchup, and mustard are all acceptable toppings - again, all are amazing, and no one will judge you if you choose to douse your plate with each one. 

Here's Where To Get The The Original Rochester “Garbage Plate”


As a disclaimer, a “garbage plate” is not technically an actual “garbage plate” unless you make the trip to Nick Tahou Hots in downtown Rochester, New York. Not only are they the inventors and trademark-ers of the famous dish, but they are indisputably the best.

Where To Try A Garbage Near Bills Training Camp

That being said, some great places close to Buffalo Bills training camp come pretty darn close.

If you’re making the trip to the Rochester area to sweat it out with the Bills at training camp, here are five spots near St. John Fisher University that make a solid “garbage,” “trash,” or whatever you wanna call it - plate.

These 5 Spots Near Bills Training Camp Will Make You Love Garbage Plates

They may look disgusting, but boy are they good. Seriously, don't knock a garbage plate until you try one.


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