If you love a good Taco Bell meal, today is a big day for you! It is free, with just a little bit of work on your end.

We are blessed here in Western New York to have so many great places to get Mexican food. There is always a debate about where the best taco or burrito is available in the Buffalo area. I have seen plenty of Mexican and Tex/Mex food trucks around the area as well.

But every now and again, you may want to get a taco from a national chain like Taco Bell. Especially if that taco is FREE!

On Tuesday, June 30th, Taco Bell is offering it's Chalupa Cravings Box for free!

According to SlickDeals.net:

Taco Bell is offering their $5 Chalupa Cravings Box for Free valid for Taco Bell Account Holders only on June 30, 2020. Order ahead at any participating store for drive-thru pickup only.

I get plenty of people arguing with me when I tell them that I prefer Mighty Taco to any other taco out there. However, I do love a few of the choices from menus around Hamburg. Eddies Pizza has a fantastic taco! I normally get mine without sour cream and the hotter, the better!

I can be persuaded to try the Taco Bell deal. Since is it free and it included cinnamon twists!

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