There are some big changes that are taking place at Dollar Tree and shoppers in New York State are getting a rude awakening.

The price of everything has gone through the roof and it is hard to see any end in sight. The only hope we may have is that the Presidential election is about to take place this fall and there is a chance it will drive prices back down to earth.

Until then, places like Dollar Tree are no longer offering "cheap" prices either. It was announced that the prices have climbed to a cap of $7.

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RetailWire reports that, "“This year, across 3,000 stores, we expect to expand our multi-price assortment by over 300 items at price points ranging from $1.50 to $7,” Dreiling explained. The items with higher prices will include food, beverages, snacks, personal care, and pet care".

What are families going to do to make up for the increases in the prices? With the summer coming up, and the rising cost of childcare and camps, this is going to be a tough few months to navigate. It may be time to consider planting more veggies or finding other ways to cut costs. We noticed that when we switched from balanced billing to month to month on our electric, and turned off a few appliances or condensed the fridge and freezer, we were able to save a good deal of money.

Time will tell what the election results will provide. However, both President Biden and former President Trump have made it part of their campaigns to help the average American family.

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