Next Week’s Presidential Debate Will Not Happen In Person
After watching the first Presidential debate people were overwhelmed.
It was a lot.
There was so much talking over each other and at times it was very uncomfortable. Well, that might change because things are going to look much different than they did during the first Presidential debate...
This Is What Governor Cuomo Sent President Trump This Weekend
I'm sure by now, you have heard that President Donald Trump was hospitalized after testing positive for COVID-19 on Friday. Early Friday morning at 1 a.m., he tweeted
Governor Andrew Cuomo said that he will be sending a care package to the President and First Lady "just to give them som…
IRS Says Taxes Will Come Back To You During Shutdown
As the government shut down is on pace to become the longest in United States, history, your taxes WILL be coming back to you, which will relieve some pressure on the government.
Last year, the average check back home was $2,899 last year per person and that over 16 million people claim within the fi…
Election Vandalism
Katie Alexander reported this story yesterday on Twitter.
Someone decided to take that extra step to get the last minute word out about voting for Trump in an interesting way. The word "TRUMP" was mowed into the grass outside of the Kenmore Community Center polling site...
Rex To Intro Trump
During his post practice press conference today Rex Ryan confirmed a rumor  that he would be doing the introductions tonight at Donald Trump's Rally at First Niagara Center.
While he did confirm that he would be in attendance and introducing Trump, Ryan did say he is  "no…