After watching the first Presidential debate people were overwhelmed.

It was a lot.

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There was so much talking over each other and at times it was very uncomfortable. Well, that might change because things are going to look much different than they did during the first Presidential debate. And it is not because of the over-talking that it will be held virtually. After President Trump tested positive for COVID-19 all parties are just taking appropriate precautions.

Here was the announcement that just came out that announced that a virtual debate will happen next week Thursday. Same time as all of the other debates--9pm, Western New York time:

It raises the question 'will the moderator be able to mute the person that was not asked a questions to avoid stepping on each other's answers?' Both President Trump and Vice President Biden will be in their own remote locations. Though, President Trump is not the biggest fan of the idea. According to the Washington Post:

Trump said in a television interview Thursday that he would not participate in a virtual town hall with Biden, dismissing a format announced less than an hour earlier by the Commission on Presidential Debates.

There are only two more presidential debates before the election in November. They will be October 15 and October 22.

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