The spring and summer are on the way soon and all eyes are on the gas and diesel prices here in New York State.

The spring will arrive this week, on March 19th, and the weather is going to feel more like winter. The up and down weather continues as we enter the second half of March. However,the warm days are coming and the road trips are being planned.

While there are reports that the gas prices are on a steady rise, they are still lower than the record high we saw in 2022.

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According to The Triple A (AAA) the highest recorded gas prices in New York State were in 2022 when the gas price per gallon reached $5.041 and the diesel price per gallon soared to $6.542!

The next presidential election is coming this November and it will be interesting to see the changes, if any, of the prices of things as we get closer to the big day. From school loans, to the price of gas, people are being hut hard by high prices and interest rates. Both President Biden and former President Trump have vowed to do something to help the average American family with their finances.

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