We've arrived! The 2014 World Cup in Brazil is on, and while US head coach Jurgen Klismann has been very candid about the chances of the US going all the way...it hasn't stopped the passion of the American Outlaws! The US Men's first game is on June 16th against Ghana at 6pm and we want to get you ready to cheer them on with their most dedicated fans!

The American Outlaws, the fan club for the US National Soccer Team, are both a very passionate and dedicated group! With branches all over the United Sates, we actually have one locally here in Buffalo (AO Buffalo). Described by ESPN as "a raucous group of U.S. supporters," they certainly know how to support the home team!

ESPN has put out a couple of commercials to help get everyone hyped for the World Cup, and one of them is a tribute to the Outlaws. Check it out and learn a very important cheer so that when you're out watching one the games, you can be a part of the world's most popular sport! You're going to see a few familiar faces too!

Can't see the video? Click HERE.

You need to watch this one too! Are you pumped yet?

Can't see the video? Click HERE.

World Cup In Buffalo!
If you see someone walking around WNY with a scarf on over the next few weeks, they're not crazy, they're just soccer fans! I'll be saddled up over at my favorite soccer bar, Mes Que on Hertel, 'til it's over! They'll be showing ALL the World Cup games! (Also, the US Women's National Team plays France on Saturday the 14th at 7:30. You can catch that game on ussoccer.com.)


USMNT World Cup Schedule 
6/16 - USAvGHANA       6pm
6/22-  USAvPORTUGAL 6pm
6/27-  USAvGERMANY   6pm



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