It's been downright hot and humid the last week or so across Western New York, but I guess we shouldn't be overly surprised since technically it was still summer.

As of now, it's still summer. Autumn officially begins at 3:21 pm on Wednesday, September 22nd. That's quite fitting, considering that will be the day we see a drastic change in the weather here in Buffalo.

Get ready for fall-like weather across Western New York. WIVB 4 Warn Weather is forecasting heavy rain to cut across Western New York on Wednesday. This is a cold front that will drop temperatures rapidly with high winds.

The high on Wednesday will be in the morning -- high 60s. It will drop as the day goes on.

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Highs will be in the mid-60s Thursday-Saturday, and we might not even make it to 60 on Sunday for the Bills home game against The Washington Football Team.

The temps will stay in the mid-60s for next week. The lows will be in the low 50s starting on Thursday! That's definitely not shorts and t-shirt weather; you will have to go with long sleeve shirts, sweaters, and jeans.

It appears that the summer weather officially ends today, so enjoy the mid-to-high 70s while we have it in Western New York. Fall looks to be right on time this year. Who has the pumpkin spice?

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