Beyond the ignorant comments by one of the Team USA players on Twitter and the outrageous prices being charged by some greedy parking vendors, the organizers of the World Juniors Hockey Championship have put on a tremendous event in downtown Buffalo.  And while the weather on the east coast and out west has been horrible, conditions were just fine in a city known worldwide for its snow.

And as the preliminary round comes to a close with four games on Friday, it's looking more and more like a showdown between Canada and the United States could take place in the championship game next week.  Both Canada and the U-S have breezed thru the first round of the tournament, each winning all three games they've played so far - Canada by a combined score of 23 to 6 and the U-S by 13 to 3.

If it does come down to a Canada-U-S final, scalpers are likely to get hundreds of dollars over the face value of tickets.  Some are speculating that tickets could go as high as $1000 on the day of the game.  So if you had tickets to the championship game and somebody offered you that much money, would you make the trade?  A tough choice for any hockey fan.

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