What are you binge watching this summer? Or, what show are you excited for the return of this fall? No matter what show you pick as your favorite, sometimes it is hard to separate the things we see on television from real life. The characters on these shows become a part of our lives in many ways. Now, there is news that one popular show will be coming to a hometown near you.

New York State has become a very popular place for movies to record in. Outside of New York City, production companies are choosing to shoot movies and shows in cities like Buffalo, Niagara Falls and now, Albany.

According to reports, the production company for the popular HBO series "The Gilded Age" has revealed when scenes for the upcoming season will be filmed in the Capital Region. The cast and crew are going to be in Washington Park and Center Square in Albany from August 6th until the 10th.

Living and working in Buffalo, I have seen some big movies come through over the past few years. It really does have a big impact on a city when production crews are in town. Plus, who doesn't love to see their city or town on a movie or show?

This summer, we are catching up on some shows that were popular years ago. The current show in our home is "Mad Men" and we are anxiously waiting for the next season of "Yellowstone".

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