is that time, Girl Scout Cookies are here in Western New York and there are several ways to get them this year.

If you have been waiting all year for girl scout cookies, the wait has ended. According to WIVB, the Girl Scouts of Western New York just got a mega dropoff of cookies and are looking to get them into your hands.

Nearly one million packages of cookies have landed in western New York. It’s part of the Mega Drop event that lasts through Saturday.

This year there will be several different ways that you can get your Thin mints, Lemon Ups, Shortbread, Tagalongs, and more.

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First, if you have a girl scout living near you, you can ask them for an order sheet. If you don't have a girl scout near you you can place an order online.

If you don't want to do the online ordering you can check the Girl Scouts of Western New York's website to find a Cookie selling booth near you. They will give you the location, time, and date on when the troop will be out selling cookies.

Also this year The Girl Scouts of Western New York have teamed up with the online ordering app GrubHub to give you a chance to have your cookies delivered right to your home safely.

You will be able to order the cookies using GrubHub between March 10th and March 28th.

Also this year, the Girls Scouts are offering a new cookie. It is called Toast-Yay and is flavored and looks like French Toast.


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