The bikes are back this season! Those red Reddy Bikes that you see all over the City of Buffalo and Niagara Falls are back for their 6th season and let me tell you, they are so nice and convenient to have so you don't have to haul bikes down to go sight-seeing downtown.

There are over 400 bikes with 90 locations in Buffalo and Niagara Falls and the best part is you can just check them out for the day on the app, and then if you want to you can drop them off at any other Reddy Bike location, so you do not even have to ride them all the way back.

If you sign up before the end of April, you get the entire season pass for half off! 

There is a promo code as well, that you can use that can get you a discount. Type in: REDDY2RIDE at or through the Social Bicycles app.

According to WGRZ, the Mayor of Niagara Falls is also very excited:

I am pleased for the City of Niagara Falls to begin yet another bike season,” said Mayor Robert Restaino. “We look forward to our residents, and visitors, taking advantage of the bikes as the weather gets warmer. The City has worked to allow residents the opportunity to purchase an annual pass for the incredibly low price of $1, allowing our community to easily utilize these bikes in the spring, summer and fall months.”

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