It's easy to sit on a big lawn mower and cut the grass on level areas.  But what do you do about unruly grass in those unruly areas?  Well, if you're the Chicago International Airport, you get a herd of goats.

About 25 of of them should do the trick.  That's the plan to help take care of some areas of airport-owned land that is particularly hard to get to.  The goats will take over and provide "sustainable vegetation management grazing services." The contract lasts for the next two years and will cost about $100,000.

For those worried about the safety of the goats or the delays they may cause if they get loose, worry not.  The goats will be fenced in and kept in a nearby trailer overnight.  When you think about the amount of money spent on including fuel, labor, herbicides, and equipment, the $100,000 price tag is probably a drop in the bucket.

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