Most of us have probably donated things to the Goodwill or Salvation Army or some kind of charity.  You have things in your closet or your attic that are just taking up space and it’s easy to just bag them up and let someone else deal with it.  Next time you do though, make sure you check the pockets.


A woman from Wenatchee, WA is thanking the stars that there was an honest Goodwill employee working after she donated a purse there.

Taide Gonzalez has been a sorter with Goodwill since 2008 and I’m sure she’s seen all kinds of things come in.  But this was a first.  As she dug through the gray purse, she found checks worth $38,000 and $1500 in cash which she turned in to her manager.

The money was returned to the woman who had called earlier in the day to inquire if the money had been seen.

The manager is planning on giving Gonzalez a reward for her honesty.


[Photo courtesy of Flickr user lukinosity]

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