I'm a little comforted and a lot freaked out right now.  I had no idea this was happening but it really is.  Google is tracking your every move.  If you have a smart phone and you use google on that phone, you can see just about everywhere you've been for the last month.  The picture on this post is my history of places I've been over the last 30 days.

It's comforting because if you ever get lost and have "location services" on your phone, there's a chance you'll be found.  However, it's a little freaky because why do they need a history?

It's pretty simple to see your own history.  All you need to do is go to here and log in to the account that you use on your phone.  When you do, you'll see all the places you've been.  Here's what I don't understand:  Why in the world was my phone moving from home to a couple miles up the road while I was asleep last night?

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