Taylor Swift has rented out the entire Roycroft. At least, that's the rumor that has been swirling around on Facebook the past couple of days.

If you clicked into this, you are already deep down the Taylor Swift rabbit hole. Even the people that say they are sick of Taylor Swift, are in fact talking about Taylor Swift. You can't deny it though--she is everywhere right now.

Lets be honest, though. It could be overkill. After all, we don't even know if she is ACTUALLY coming to Western New York. We are all just assuming.

BUT--that being said, the hype is real.

Local police in the area said that they have not heard about any news about any escorts in East Aurora. Also, if you go to the Roycroft website, there are still rooms available for this week and weekend. So, she did not rent out the ENTIRE Roycroft, but that's not to say she didn't rent out a room.

Wouldn't you think that she would just fly in and fly out?

Maybe this is a better option if you are on 'Taylor Swift watch'. You can see when Taylor Swift's plane will land in Buffalo, New York.

All planes have registration code, even for famous people and the USA makes the aircraft registry information public. Taylor Swift's plane code is N898TS, so you can bet fans will be watching to see when the plane lands in order to get a glimpse of the world's biggest superstar in Buffalo.

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