New York Governor Andrew Cuomo outlines the 2020 agenda for the state and that includes some changes for Buffalo.

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As part of the infrastructure investment in the state, Cuomo stated that changes are coming to Buffalo's North Aud Block

Transforming Buffalo's North Aud Block: The State will develop Canalside's North Aud Block, featuring mixed use residential and commercial buildings and a piazza for public use, based on community and stakeholder input. This also includes the rail station that is forthcoming in Buffalo and its coordination with the new North Aud Block neighborhood.


Buffalo is also a key city in the Governor's plan for high-speed rail service in the state.

Developing an Innovative Strategy to Build High Speed Rail in New York: Governor Cuomo will convene a team of forward-thinking experts and engineers to reexamine past high-speed rail plans, question and rethink every assumption and method and recommend a new plan for how to build faster, greener, more reliable high-speed rail in New York.

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