Turns out, there are plenty of stories across Western New York regarding haunted buildings, ghosts, and folklore.

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One of the most popular haunted buildings in all of Western New York is actually on Grand Island.

The story of the Holiday Inn, Grand Island ghost.

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To give a further backstory, the haunting of this hotel actually dates back long before the Holiday Inn opened in 1973 on Whitehaven Road (what is now the Radisson Hotel).

According to Buffalo Digest, in the 1830s, Whitehaven Settlement, which was a logging community, occupied the area which now holds the hotel.

Back then, there was a mansion that stood where the hotel does that Grand Island supervisor John Nice owned. Nice bought the mansion by 1848 for his wife and 10 children.

There was a fire that took the life of a little girl, 8-10 years of age and the house burned down in 1962.

Many employees and guests of the Holiday Inn (Radisson Hotel) from 1973 onward have reported witnessing a ghost in the building, which is a little girl named Tanya, who died in a fire on the grounds of the hotel.

There are even guests who say they saw the girl close up, including John Kostigian, who awoke in his suite to find the ghost standing at the foot of his bed one night, according to The Buffalo News.

Kostigian assumed it was a dream after he saw the girl vanish but then he heard other stories of the same girl named Tanya, who haunts the building.

Has anyone heard of this story or visited the Radisson Hotel (Holiday Inn) before?

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