This story has been riddled with mystery since day one.  First, a little boy was found sleeping on a porch in Buffalo.  Now, he's been reunited with his grandmother.

A couple weeks ago, a little boy was found sleeping in a box on a porch in Buffalo.  He was saying that there was a car on fire, but no one knew where he came from.  They couldn't determine who his parents were.  Nothing.

More clues showed themselves day by day.  A car was found the next day that had been set on fire.  There were human remains in the car.  While all signs point to the people in the car being the little boy's parents, it is going to take some time to determine the identity of the people in the car.

Surveillance video shows people running from the car with what looks like the little boy.

Then a woman steps forward and says she is the boy's grandmother...that they hadn't seen the parents for awhile, and that they actually live in Florida!

Then a hotel where the parents of the little boy were staying is searched and they find cocaine in the room.

It looks like a story from a movie or something, but it's real.  And there's a little boy in the balance.

His name is Noelvin and according to WIVB, today he was reunited with his grandmother Zenaida Colon.

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