You are probably familiar with the Amber Alert, Silver Alert, and others that have been pinged to your phone when searching for a missing person in your area. New York State has now added another alert category when it comes to helping locate missing persons. 

What Is The New Statewide Alert?

In October 2023, California became the first state to add this new alert category, according to NPR. The new statewide alert system is used specifically to help locate and bring attention to missing Black children and young Black women. The alert is called an “Ebony Alert,” and going forward, you will see it used in New York state. 

How Does An “Ebony Alert” Work?

When an “Ebony Alert” is activated, the alert system would notify residents in New York about missing Black children and young Black women between the ages of 12 to 25, according to NPR.  When an alert is issued, it will use any electronic highway signs in the area, and it will encourage the use of other media devices, such as television, radio, social media, and other platforms to spread information about the person who is missing. 

Should There Be A Special Alert?

If you look at the data for missing people over the years, you will find that 40% of all missing persons cases are people of color. That is pretty shocking, especially when you consider that Black people make up about 13% of the overall U.S. population, according to the Office of Minority Health.

It is totally understandable why other states, like New York, are bringing more attention to the problem. 

When You Get The Alert

Remember that time is critical for any missing persons case. Stay alert for the provided description and use any media attached to help recognize the missing individual. Hopefully the Ebony Alert will help reunite more families with their missing loved one. 

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