Unfortunately, children disappear all the time.  However, this is the opposite of that.  A little boy was found and now police need help finding his parents.

Residents in the Potomac/West Ave area of Buffalo are hopeful for a happy ending as a little boy has been found and now, they're looking for his parents or guardians.

According to a poster on facebook, the little boy was found sleeping in a box on a neighbor's porch.  He said that "his mom was in the car that was on fire."  And at this point, no one has stepped forward to claim the boy.

His neighbors said they've seen the boy before with his dad and that he has a sister.  They know this because they've seen him dropping her off at the bus on Potomac.

The boy appears to be about 3 years old.  If you happen to know any information about him or his parents, police are asking you to call D-District at (716) 851-4413 or 911.



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