Granger Smith is recognizing the sacrifices of those who have fought for our freedom, via a self-produced documentary honoring the lives of five fallen soldiers

They Were There: A Hero's Documentary, set for release Nov. 30 on Smith's YouTube channel, contains an original soundtrack as well as Smith's exploration into the legacies of the soldiers. The singer and director Paul De La Cerda delve into the heroes' lives one by one, meeting their families, reading aloud their personal letters, and introducing them as individuals to the audience.

The project came about when Smith called for stories from Americans who have lost a loved one while he or she was serving their country. He recieved a "staggering" amount of responses, and carefully reviewed each one before settling on the five spotlighted in the documentary.

Fans can watch the trailer above, in which Smith explains, "I’m lucky enough to have achieved a lot of different milestones and accolades in my career, but I realize that doesn’t come from merit alone. I discovered a long time ago that I am allowed to chase these dreams because of men and woman who volunteer to ensure my freedom.

“I’ve taken entertainment tours to war zones in the Middle East," he continues. "I’ve walked 400 miles in combat boots to raise money for returning soldiers. And somehow, none of that comes close to repaying my debt of gratitude. When a hero falls, their legacy must live on. Their sacrifice has sewn the fabric of our freedom, and their story must be retold.”

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