The 2021 college football season is nearly here and things are going to look much different than they did in 2020.

Since the summer of 2021 began, the restrictions and guidelines surrounding COVID-19 have been lifted or eased.  Many great events like the Erie County Fair, the Taste of Buffalo, concerts and other great festivals are starting to come back and allow full capacity. People have been asked to remain vigilant and use common sense and social distancing to prevent any COVID-19 transmission. And although levels have gone up slightly in the last week or so, for the most part it seems as though this pandemic locally has shut down. Who knows what the future holds for kids in classrooms this fall in New York State regarding wearing masks? But as for now we can be excited for all the good things that are happening.
It was announced at the end of this past week that the University of Buffalo football games will allow fans in person in attendance. The University of Buffalo announced that there will be no attendance restrictions put in place for football or other sporting events this weekend due to the slow spread of COVID-19 across the region it’s safe for people to gather in large groups again!
UB football will kick off against Wagner at UB stadium on September 2.
We are lucky to have such great talented athletes here in Western New York at the collegiate level. The University of Buffalo football program has really gotten strong over the last couple of years and produced some incredible players some of whom have gone on to play at the pro level.  Check the University of Buffalo website athletic section for more information on the football program and other great sporting events that will happen this fall and winter and Amherst.
As far as the pro level is concerned, can’t wait to see the Buffalo Bills take the field in front of a full house in Orchard Park starting September 12 as the Pittsburgh Steelers come to town to kick off the NFL season in Western New York!

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