Every loss hurts, but even after a heartbreaking defeat to the Miami Dolphins yesterday 21-19, Buffalo Bills fans have something to smile about today. 

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The "Butt Punt" Breakdown

Let’s recap. During the fourth quarter of Sunday afternoon’s game, The Dolphins, leading the Bills 21-17 with less than two minutes remaining, snapped the ball to punter Thomas Morstead who was supposed to kick it downfield. 

However, the ball took an unintended detour right into the backside of his blocker, wide receiver Trent Sherfield. 

The Bills would go on to lose 21-19, but not before the Twitterverse exploded with reactions and memes to the now infamous “butt punt.”

Keep scrolling for some of the best “butt punt” tweets that the Internet has to offer.

As hilarious as the “Butt Punt” is, this tweet sums it up for all of Buffalo…

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