"Rowdy" is the same old Gretchen Wilson, but for her fans that's not such a bad thing. The thick country-rocker is a party song that doesn't lack honesty.

Wilson is 43 now, with a teenage daughter. But there's no doubt she can still lead the charge on a Saturday night. During this song she references two of her bigger hits while professing she's as up for making trouble on the weekends as she ever was.

"Rowdy" is the first single from an upcoming album that promises to be more dynamic. Reintroducing herself with the sound that's become her staple was important to Wilson. She wanted to let fans know she was back in a big way, and she succeeds with this guitar-driven rocker. Vocally she's not quite as present as she's been on previous recordings. Her sound falls back amongst the production, creating a more definitive live sound. That's where this song is best heard, anyway.

Did You Know?: Gretchen Wilson's daughter also sings, but the younger Wilson has taken to Broadway-style show tunes, not country music.

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Gretchen Wilson, "Rowdy" Lyrics:

They say lightning won't struck in the same place twice / But let me get behind this guitar / You better run for cover cause I'm bringin’ the thunder / From underneath the radar / Whatever everybody's doin' it don't feel right / Let me show you how we used to do a Saturday night.

I'm ready to get rowdy / It finally found me / It's been a long time comin' / Pour 'em steady / Strong and heavy / Yeah, resurrect me / We’ll get the rockin’ up and runnin’ / Let me say it proud and loudly / I'm ready to get rowdy.

The whiskey's still brown and Hank's still around / No, it ain't watered down in my world / This train's jumped track, you need some smoke in your stack / Well hey I'm your bring it back girl / I’m a whole lotta crazy, a little bit naughty / This redneck woman's always here for the party.

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