The winter of 2022-23 was certainly interesting in Western New York. From warm and sunny days to blizzards, the weather from December to April in the Empire State was crazy! Now that the snow piles are starting to melt, we are seeing what was left behind and there are some unique things.

The piles of snow in your yard may be a memory by now. However, portions of Western New York are still seeing large, dirty piles of snow that may be around until June!

One of the main things that are being uncovered by the melting snow is/are shopping carts! If you noticed a shortage of carts from you favorite store, this may be the reason. But did you know, there is a very specific law about shopping carts in New York State?

The law in New York State, which is posted at just about every store in the area, calls for a $100 fine if you take a cart off the property.

Photo by: Clay Moden

According to the signs that are posted around various stores, the law is under New York State's general business law - section 399-8.


There was a recent announcement by Wegman's that there will be new shopping carts that will allow shoppers to scan and go as they move through the store.

I am all for anything that makes shopping easier. Off all of the chores and responsibilities parents have, grocery shopping is my least favorite.

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