Buffalo has a bed bug problem and it is not a joke. "Don't let the bed bugs bite"--literally.

The Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority is having some problems at their Marine Apartments in downtown Buffalo. Between bedbugs and rats, there is a serious issue. The BMHA has put over $150,000 in exterminators as of now. According to WGRZ:

Emily Scherer rolled up her sleeves for 2 On-Your-Side to show us where she says some bed bug bites had healed on her arms. Scherer says, “I have never experienced anything like that. I was eaten. I thought I was eaten up my mosquitoes or spiders or something. No. It was absolutely bed bugs. She adds she has just purchased her third mattress in a month. The other two she had to discard because of bed bug were found on them.

Have you ever had an issue with this? Take a look at this video of bed bugs and take a look at what they actually look like.

Note: This is not footage from Buffalo or any BMHA properties.

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