When you ask the majority of Amazon Prime users why they’re willing to fork over the money for a subscription, most would likely say it’s for the speedy shipping. Others might add that they mostly use it to stream Prime Video. Amazon Prime actually has a lot of benefits people may not realize - like free books for your kindle, an exclusive “try before you buy” clothes section and special sales like the upcoming Amazon Prime Day. Now, Prime members can add one more perk to the list, and lots of hungry Buffalonians are pumped about it. 

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Amazon just acquired a small stake in GrubHub. What does that mean for you?

Just Eat Takeaway, the company that bought the GrubHub food delivery service back in 2020, announced they now have a partnership with the big wigs at Amazon, and as a result, Amazon Prime members can now get a free year of GrubHub+.


What is GrubHub+?

GrubHub+ is a monthly membership that gives subscribers access to free delivery fees on any order over $12 placed on their app, along with one $10 credit to use per month. It normally costs $9.99 a month to join, but now Amazon Prime users will be able to get the advantages of GrubHub+ free for a year.

In a statement announced Wednesday, GrubHub CEO Adam Dewitt said,

“I am incredibly excited to announce this collaboration with Amazon that will help Grubhub continue to deliver on our long-standing mission to connect more diners with local restaurants. Amazon has redefined convenience with Prime and we’re confident this offering will expose many new diners to the value of Grubhub+ while driving more business to our restaurant partners and drivers.”

This is good news for Amazon Prime members, but better news for GrubHub.

GrubHub as a company has struggled financially in recent years since the start of the pandemic, thanks to steady competition from other delivery services like Uber Eats and Doordash. This sounds like a way for them to attract more users to their platform through a company that has over 200 million people (and growing) subscribed to their membership program - Amazon.


How can you get free delivery fees on GrubHub?

To take advantage of $0 GrubHub delivery fees, you first have to be an Amazon Prime subscriber. Membership is pricey at $139 per year (even more if you pay by the month), but admittingly it does come with a lot of benefits.

Ok- now for the steps to find the link to redeem the offer. I'll warn you - it’s kind of annoying, but worth it if you’re a hungry takeout fan.

1. If you’re on your phone, go to Amazon’s website (pretty sure we all know it), click on your name in the top right corner, scroll down until you reach the “Your Account” section, and click on “Your Prime Membership.”

2. On the next page, scroll way down until you see the section labeled, “Need Help?”, and click on the “What are my unused benefits?” question. A blue link will pop up underneath the question that says, “You can see the list of all unused benefits by clicking here.”

(Seriously, Amazon does NOT make this a cakewalk.)

3. When you’re on your unused benefits page, scroll all the way down again (seriously, Amazon?!) until you get to the “Make The Most Of Your Prime” section and click on “See Everything Included In Prime.”

One more thing to be aware of (sigh)…

4. Amazon rotates what deals it shows you on the page, so you might not see the GrubHub deal. If it’s not there, go back and click through again. It’ll show up eventually. 

Sheesh. Just finding it, you'll work up an appetite.

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