If you’ve spent a fair amount of time in Western New York, you’ve probably noticed something about men from the Buffalo area…

They’re a lot alike. 

As an “outsider” who didn’t grow up in Western New York (I’m from downstate) but has now called Buffalo home for a few years, it wasn't hard to notice that guys who grew up in the 716 area code have some things about them that other men throughout New York State don’t. 

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Obviously, Buffalo guys have their own unique looks, hobbies, and interests; that’s not what we’re talking about here (we’re all human after all, and we’re all different).

What I mean is that, over time, it seems to me that every single guy who grew up in the Buffalo, New York area has developed a specific set of quirks that, if recognized, could easily make someone say, “Ahhhh. You must be from Buffalo.”

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Every Buffalo Guy Does The Same Ten Things

Now, before you get all defensive, let’s be clear– this is not a bad thing! The unique traits of Western New York men make Buffalo guys stand out from the crowd, and frankly, more lovable than most (even though some of these habits are mildly annoying).

Still, Buffalo guys are their own breed, and they should continue to be loud and proud about it.

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See what I mean and keep scrolling to see if you or any of the Buffalo-born boys you know and love check some of the boxes below...

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