It's time for The Ride for Roswell and on this week's Hangin' with Hank, Hank gets a head start on his training!

I have had the pleasure of being a rider as well as one of the hosts for the ride's pre-party and ceremonial kick-off.

The Ride for Roswell has a personal connection to me and my family. My father-in-law received care at Roswell for a couple of years while he was battling a rare form of stomach cancer. Unfortunately we lost Dave three months before Hank was born.

The care that Dave received at Roswell was incredible. Although he fought hard and the staff, nurses and doctors went out of there way to insure his comfort as well as the family's, the disease was just to powerful.

This episode, although cute, is also a great reminder that we can all train and dedicate our effort to joining one of the largest rides in the northeast. The Ride for Roswell takes place the weekend of June 24th. There are several route options and although they are filling up, there is still time to get a team together or become a virtual rider and join the thousands of us who are committed to finding a way to beat cancer.

Hank may be just a bit small to get on a bike right now. However, it is true when I mention that age and size shouldn't matter when it comes to getting in to shape or training for something special. Cancer has no regard for age, race, gender or stature. It affects everyone and with your support, a cure can be found and treatment and care that is given at Roswell Park can continue to rank at the top among cancer hospitals in the United States.

Big thanks to the West Herr production crew for their work on this episode!

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