It's Easter time and it's time for the kids to say hello the Easter Bunny! We have been very busy these past few weeks, but we were able to sneak in a meeting with Hank and the Bunny for this week's Hangin' with Hank!The line wasn't bad at all when we got to the McKinley Mall on Holy Thursday. How did it go when Hank's turn came around? No as bad as I had thought. Hank was more curious about what he was doing than being sad or scared.

The McKinley Mall Easter Bunny photographers have a policy of no cell phones or personal cameras when your child is with the Easter Bunny. We did purchase a photo of Hank that you will see in the video. However, because of their rule, I couldn't get any footage.

I'm not sure if Hank was able to ask for anything special in his first Easter basket or not. he pretty much just babbles a bit these days. But if I were to guess, he would probably ask for a bottle of milk, apple juice or something to chew on since his top teeth are starting to come in.

On behalf of Elizabeth and Hank, our family wishes yours a very happy Easter! Hopefully you will get a chance to see the Easter Bunny at some point and enjoy some time away from your busy schedule to hang with some family and friends this weekend!

Here is episode 7 of Hangin' with Hank...Hank Meets the Easter Bunny!

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