He is just the cutest! After winning the "bell ringing" contest Spartacus won this super cool toy! It's a Butterfly on wire that spins around and bounces! I set it up for him and he was thrilled! There something about pets playing that's just so cute. I think it's their innocence and playfulness in that moment that really gets me.

What you don't see in this video is that Spartacus was just keeping an eye on about 6 birds that were in the yard. I bet that he was fueled by the bird watching too!

OMG!!! Did you see his paws?!?!? So cute! I also think he would make a pretty good ping png player! I was so excited that he liked this toy because he can be pretty picky when it comes to his toys!

Kiki Dee might not have won the contest but she's pretty cute when she's playing too and a lot more active than Spartacus. Spartacus is definitely in the retirement phase of his life. He eats dinner at 4:15 and sleeps most of the day. He'll occasionally partake in his catnip cigar and like to stare out the window... he lives a good life!

If you have pets, we'd love to see their pictures for National Pet Day!

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