The Van Horn Mansion, located on Lockport-Olcott Road, is one of the oldest buildings in Western New York. Built-in 1823 by Judge James Van Horn, the building was the site of Newfane's first town meeting.

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But the mansion is known by many as a place that's haunted.

According to Haunted History Trail of New York State, the mansion has had reported paranormal activity, reported on numerous accounts.

One of the spirits said to haunt the mansion is Malinda Niles, who died a year after marrying James Van Horn in 1836. The cause of her death has remained a mystery to this day.

Reports of doors closing by themselves, attic doors slamming, whistling and even the smell of tobacco in the men's smoking room, located on the second floor, but nobody is there.

Noury Chemical owned the building but their attempts at building offices failed with reported haunted sightings. When the building was donated, the society's restoration project apparently had strange happenstances. Roofers witnessed faces in the window of the mansion and saw lights flickering.

There were even spirits appearing to carpenters.

These days, the Van Horn Mansion offers private haunted tours by reservation, along with candlelit tours during October.

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